Change can feel challenging for many and whether it is experienced in our, minds, bodies, emotions, relationships or Communities, it affects how we interact with the world around us. With little acknowledgement and Community support in our modern World, navigating and understanding this period of time can be a roller coaster of emotions and reactions, making it very hard to meaningfully contribute to many issues we face today as a global Community.

When we bring Ceremony and relevant teachings to liminal space and acknowledge transition respectfully, the benefits are profoundly nourishing and supportive clearing the path ahead to move forward unencumbered, allowing us to more actively play a balanced part within the Biosphere of life.

New Ceremony came about from creating a young Mens right of passage program. The name coming from a Western style approach to Male right of passage and First Nations teachings from Elders aligned with sharing specific Cultural practices to our work.

As New Ceremony developed, there was a realisation that it belongs to People from all walks of life and can be applied to the many different changes and transitions across a lifespan. Examples include: acknowledging a Girl transitioning to Womanhood, becoming parents or Grandparents, leaving a home Country to be relocated elsewhere, acknowledging gender transitioning or journeying from life to Death.

AIP supports New Ceremony because we believe the less encumbered a person is, the more open and interactive they can be with the world around us, providing a real opportunity for people to have the room to become collective stewards of the Biosphere that we are part of.

We would love to share our experiences and methodologies of New Ceremony to help support you and your Community .   Contact: