Traditional Cultural Practices (TCP) priority is to support the First Nations People of Australia maintain their connection to Culture and relationship to Country.

TCP has taken the unique, but obvious approach of working with Elders from Communities across the Country supporting Community designed programs and initiatives that Elders have identified as being imperative to the health of People, Land and Culture.

The Elders led organization also understands the importance of connecting the wider Community to their responsibilities to the Environment around us. This approach has led to TCP successfully supporting many Elder led programs and initiatives around the Country.

If there was ever a time for the World to listen to what the voice of the oldest living Culture on Earth is saying, it’s now.

AIP has supported TCP since its inception and does so simply because it is the right thing to do. The Australian Government has been ill equiped at acknowledging or understanding our countries Traditional Culture (The Oldest Living Culture on Earth) and while it provides plenty of support programs, generally they are geared toward non traditional practices that inevitable take people away from traditional Culture and more toward modern Western Culture.

From an Elders perspective, Indigenous Culture and being out on Country is what it really means to be of this land. The knowledge our Elders hold for our Country is vital for the ongoing vitality of the land we live upon and our ability to continue to help support our Country to thrive.

Please help us continue to support this important organisation by visiting the TCP website or contacting us at AIP.