AIP support Australian Radio Towers (ART) for 3 important reasons. For its duty of care to its People (staff, clients, suppliers & the public), Its dynamic approach to innovation and its concern for the environment. By putting these things first, it helps shines a way for other businesses to realise that true success is not just about profit, but rather the sum of all of these things.

One of the key focus points of the ART business is the renewable energy industry, from which it derives a large portion of its success and revenue. The decision to focus in this industry was made over 13 years ago after its founder read the “Weather Makers”. ART has never looked back since.

Realising that without its employees the Company was nothing, it has taken an all inclusive approach to how it manages its business and operates without a traditional management hierarchy. ART’s founders believes that when you give People transparent and open information based on trust, freedom and inclusion into how the business runs, everyone benefits, including our clients.

When employees are included, they tend to make much better decisions, and when you combine this with an awareness of current issues facing society and our environment, everyone steps up and we all begin to benefit.

These facts make ART an inspiration in the business sector and show case that business can evolve to support People and Environment by being upfront about our responsibilities and real place in the World. You can visit the team at ART.