We talk about “saving our planet” but if cut to the chase and don’t pull any punches, when all boils down, our primary concern is “saving ourselves”.

Of course, some of us are horrified about the effects of human impact on the planet, animals, our water ways etc, but if we significantly reduced the human population effective immediately, most of the “saving our planet” issues would be instantly resolved. So, what’s the next best thing to “depopulating”?


What is “Self-awareness”? The ability to become Self-aware is what stands us apart from the other life forms within our known shared reality.

If we stand absolutely still, staying within the moment that is immediately there, the only universal truth that we can actually agree on, is that our perspective in that moment is the only perspective there is. To meet with or collaborate with anyone beyond that, requires us to step outside of that moment and listen to someone else’s perspective, effectively taking us from the moment to a subjective something else. Only humans, as in the plural of human can do that.

From AIP’s perspective however, self-awareness is just the beginning, becoming aware of self is much more important. What’s the difference?

Self-awareness is like discovering the reason behind an illness and how to treat it when it happens

Becoming aware of self is like discovering a permanent cure for the same illness

……………….(TBA, This bit needs rewording/expanding)

What has all this got to do with life on planet earth?

To be self-aware is to become aware of how we impact the world around us. It teaches us right relationship with the world and how to live more symbiotic and harmonious lives within the Biosphere.

To become aware of self is to become aware of what self actually is. Unlike self-awareness, to become aware of self, is the complete dissolution of self-awareness, destroying our entire understanding of life, like pulling a loose thread in a perfectly knitted jumper to watch it dissolve into nothing. What is left can not be conveyed in words, it can hardly even be alluded to and can only be shared through the knowing reflection in the eye of another that has also seen the same thing.

Both serve us perfectly, one teaching us to live harmoniously within the Biosphere, the other showing us we are the Biosphere.