Re Connecting is an opportunity to travel beyond restriction, whether external and imposed or simply learned limitations of the mind and body.

Re-connecting is about taking the time to stop, be still and go within so that the “white noise” of humanities collective life begins to quieten. What is left when the “white noise” dissipates? The voluminous space of the biosphere in which we are an integral part of, you can sort of feel it sitting within you and you can feel your self sitting within it. This naturally begins to happen when your mind goes quiet, slowly dissolving the concerns of daily life, revealing the truth of our true place in the world at large. In this quietness it is possible to directly “re-connect” to the place we individually fit into the world, both in and outside of the social construct we are so easily distracted by.

By “re-connecting” over and over again, this quietude becomes part of your everyday waking, moving reality and the social construct slowly becomes almost a theatrical observation that sits like a human created layer over the natural world that exists around us. In this theatrical observation, the social construct begins to dissolve in its all consuming importance and becomes just one part of an astonishing explosion of life teaming with creative expression, and allows us the freedom to play almost unrestricted within the entire biosphere of our shared reality.

In the quietness it is possible to glimpse a much larger network of realities that are connected and all work together to shape the biosphere, realities such as the movement of energy, the flow of nature, the expansion of the universe. Once this is directly experienced and understood, it becomes very obvious that the human social construct is only one part of an extensive overarching reality and it becomes very hard to behave within the social construct negatively as the impact on our larger connected reality is obvious.

AIP supports the re-connecting program as we believe it is a crucial part of ensuring that we individually discover our own true place in the world around us and in turn help humanity as a whole to positively work in harmony with the entire biosphere of our planet.

To move forward and begin a daily healing and celabratonry practice check the Teachings Page of the Re Connecting website. The right style of practice will present itself to you or a combination of a few may suit you better.

There is also a short film by Nathan one of Re Connectings facilitators, it’s a bit of fun and explains the why, the how and the benefits of daily practice.