Currently the UN’s 26th Climate Change Conference COP26 is now being held in Glasgow Scotland. In support the AIP Collective are now aligned with Projecting Change academy award winning documentary director Louie Psihoyos. Who has been tasked with delivering an immersive media experience projected onto the side of the COP 26 (Armadillo) building during the conference. Set to go live on November 5-7 2021, this 45 minute show will be repeated from dusk till dawn. The experience will also go live on Youtube and be shared across multiple Global media platforms.

In support the AIP Collective have contributed to two key sections of the Projecting Change Cop 26 experience, these are ‘Climate Solutions’ and ‘Voices from around the Planet’.  We also shared a series of photographs by AIP Director Pete McConchie, for the ‘Climate Solutions’ section ‘Embracing Traditional Knowledge Systems’. These insightful images illustrate the strength and importance of First Nations cool burning techniques that are slowly being revived across the Australian continent. Additionally to this we filmed, recorded and gathered content  for ‘Voices of the Planet’ from AIP’s partnering Elders Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison,(Yuin Elder) and Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth (a Murrawarri / Budjiti Elder), both speaking with intimate knowledge and connection to Country. Beyond our shores we are also proud to share the COP 26 space with Ruth Tiro Page a Pitituru Elder, from the Solomon Islands. Once again the voice of the Pacific region clearly states the continuing devastating movement of rising sea levels through Human induced climate change.

After sharing these strong messages to the World leaders, we were approached by UK based Nature’s Newsroom to supply content for media giants BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, and the Bloomberg and Eurovision Network.