Galupa is a First Nations Community based in North East Arnhem Land NT. The Community is for Women and Children only, a safe place for those vulnerable through social issues across the region. The Galupa Art school serves three main purposes.1. A Cultural focal point through Art for the Community. 2. An independent income stream created by the Community. 3. The Art School also demonstrates and re-enforces the important contribution that First Nations Culture has to the Australian identity. Previously we (TCP) have worked with Community Elders to build a safe house. And are now preparing to build the Art School and its website business.

The purpose of the website is to showcase the work and Culture of the Women and Children at Galupa and to upload and sell the art that is created to help finical support the community.

AIP supports the Galupa and the development of the ART school as an innovative community owned business because of the important role it plays in protecting the vulnerable and because of the role it plays in preserving Culture. In supporting Galupa to develop its own independent income stream and not rely on Government hand outs, we. are ensuring that the important role Galupa plays will continue will continue into the future.

To support the Galupa Art School startup we are reaching out to website builders, trades People, building companies and Art suppliers. If you are interested in this project please contact our team at