Studying or learning about life primarily through educating our selves about the views of others inevitably builds neuropathways that are not actually our own.

Regardless of our age, these neuralpathways pathways determine how we interact and come together with the world around us, collectively and individually. They form our Human Cultures. Human Cultures shape the environment.

Cultures also shape the way we do our business and the innovative ways in which people in a particular culture interact with the world, again further shaping our environment.

If ones believes history, then as far back as we are able to see, humanity, along with all the good things it has done, has been destroying almost everything in its path, and very little about that has changed. Essentially, we are destroying our world because we inadvertently compound the past and present actions of others.

While understanding the past and the present is important, it is very likely that it is equally, or arguably, more important to turn within and develop our own individual understanding of who we are. We believe that as a person, there is little that is more important or more worthwhile then becoming “self aware”.

What has all this got to do with life on planet earth?

To be self-aware is to become aware of how we impact the world around us. It teaches us right relationship with the world and how to live more symbiotic and harmonious lives within the Biosphere.

To become aware of self is to become aware of what self actually is. Unlike self-awareness, to become aware of self, is the complete dissolution of self-awareness, destroying our entire understanding of life, like pulling a loose thread in a perfectly knitted jumper to watch it dissolve into nothing. What is left can not be conveyed in words, it can hardly even be alluded to, shared through the knowing reflection in the eye of another that has also seen the same thing.

Both serve us perfectly, one teaching us to live harmoniously within the Biosphere, the other showing us……..